Zhejiang Jiangshan Xupai Doors Co.,Ltd is a professional production and sales of the Original wood door, Solid Wood Door, Composite Painting Door, Pvc Composite Door, Ecological Doors, Bathroom Cabinet and Interior Decoration Materials, As a integration of new enterprises, which is located in the junction of zhejiang fujian and jiangxi provinces - Wood door home town: Jiangshan City, Close to state-level scenic JiangLang mountain area. Beautiful environment, convenient traffic, add "xupai" diligent, professional, pioneering spirit has created "xupai" an achievement after another.

Company by the abundant technical strength, to introduce and cultivate a batch of skilled and experienced production and management. Marketing talent. Timely feedback market information, rapid developing market marketable new products. At the same time, using the scientific marketing method, laid a base for the successful development of the enterprise.


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